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If you’re searching for a small cleaner

Добавлено: 23 май 2020, 07:17
If you’re searching for a small cleaner which will make you say “Eureka, my home is squeaky clean!” this model will be of great assistance.How long will you need to detail an area covered with sawdust using the vacuum? The answer is two passes. Also, you can gather pet hair from your furniture with the convenient tool. Instead of pulling out a full-sized unit to clean up the spot that your pet chose to go crazy, you can run this hand machine and call it done.

The 20-foot long power cord lets you move around effortlessly. As it has nearly six amps of power, it’s usable for a long time. Its weight is 6 pounds and it measures 15×4 inches. This allows you to carry the unit around with extreme ease.